Inspect the drawer thing next to the scarecrow
Try to RIP N TEAR scarecrow to see if there are items inside. Sounds strange, but so is a random scarecrow in a room. The whole strange-test hypothesis supports the fact that a useful item may be in such an innocuous location.

Tap DO NOT OPEN box. Speak to box to ask if anything is inside.

open the 'do not open box' and hope for a CPU with internet, so she can look for the new ruby thread

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>Tap DO NOT OPEN box. Speak to box to ask if anything is inside.
The box does not respond to Ruby's provocation.

>open the 'do not open box'
The crate is closed tightly. Ruby will never be able to open it with her bare hands.

>Try to RIP N TEAR scarecrow
The post dummy is too sturdy to tear apart bare-handed.

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