Tranq time for now, we'll come back soon.

Do not worry Bella.
We will be back to end your suffering.
We will succeed this time.
We will escape.

No. No. No. Go. Leave her, go to the watercooler. She's lying.

TOM: tranq her.

i still say tranq her, watter cooler then kill

tell her it's poison

We get the gift, she feels no pain we escape


Tom injects the LIQUID TRANQUILIZER but Bella only becomes angry. She explains that the systems she's hooked up to have replaced most of her body functions and will easily keep her conscious against the tranquilizer.

She goes on to say that Tom and Ruby do not want the person in charge of security to be against them.
She has asked nicely, she has helped them come this far, but now she is putting her foot down. She will lock doors, activate traps, and seal rooms if they persist.
This time, she says, she's not going to give them a choice. They have to end her life now.
There is no other option.

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