Restrain the body as securely as possible. Even if he is dead for now, he may be back soon. Perhaps tie him to the vacant post in the Dummy Room?

Whew...we made it. With the tranq he should be out for a while...

Take the saw. Loot Filbert for items.

Then the security room.

Pat filbert down for useful Items, cautiously.
Then lets head on up to the security room.

>Restrain the body as securely as possible
Neither Tom nor Ruby has any rope, and the only locker that would open is already jammed shut with Stitches inside.

Ruby and Tom loot the BONESAW, but that's all Filbert seems to be carrying. Tom tells Ruby she should carry it, since she's lacking in weapons.
They both check their inventories, then head back upstairs to the security room.

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