Hug Tom.

If the danger's gone, now would be a good time to investigate Red's room again: Judging from how Ace can move around, the debris there should've been cleaned and allow movement for Ruby and Tom as well.

Inspect the blood on the fan, please.

Investigate the blood on the fan in the meantime.

I see blood on one of the fan blades, inspect it.


Check the plant again.

Emobird might have left something.

Tom politely explains he doesn't feel like hugging Ruby right now, given the footage they watched together a short while ago. That hug didn't end particularly well.
Maybe they just need some time to trust each other again.

The blood on the fan is most likely a spot the cleaners missed after the "accident" Ruby made Stitches have in the fan.

The lock is massive and sturdy. No way even Tom's MANLY PHYSIQUE could tear it down!

>Check the plant again.
Ruby checks the plant, but it doesn't appear to be anything but a plant and some soil.

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