Ask the face to identify itself.

>Ask the face to identify itself.
Ruby asks the face who it is.
The screen goes to static.

Ruby and Tom move on to explore the room.

This room is full of broken science equipment, including shattered beakers and tubes, a broken table in the southeast corner, and lots of spilled liquid. The room spells of chemical vapors.
Tom can see something vaguely through the steel vent, but it's too sturdy to bash down by brute force.
There are scraps and tatters of cloth at Tom's feet. They look like the remnants of a labcoat.
By a very LARGE CABINET (which is locked with a chain and padlock), Ruby finds a SEVERED FOOT on the ground, with minimal blood.
The door has no visible lock, but is wired to the MONITOR.
Ruby pockets the HEAVY GLOVES she finds on the floor.
Also of obvious note in this room is the ACCESS HATCH leading down, which is secured in place with some sort of STAFF.

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