Ruby: Tell Tom about the eye.
Show Tom the note.
Tom: show Ruby the note.

Talking. About. The Things. That. Have. Happened to you. Jesus Christ, Toms should at least show Ruby the document he found.

Go sit down at a table. Talk. Comfort each other. Explain all you know. Confess to Tom about the eye. Tell him you're scared.

Now that you're at it TALK without BS, already!

They tell everything that happened to them. No lying.

>Now that you're at it TALK without BS, already!

This is it. After that encounter with Stitches, Ruby knows she and Tom have to be 100% on the level. She can't keep it a secret anymore.

She and Tom sit down by the door and she tells him everything.
The documents about her own involvement in the study, labeling her "deceased", the visions of her own corpse, the injury she sustained from the abomination in the maintenance room, her encounters with Red...
Even her third eye.

She spills it all.
She tells him everything.

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