Open treasure chest.

Get the metal plate with screws off Tom and screw it into space at the grate with letter opener or coins.

Get Tom to press buttoms in sequence from left to right. Ask him what pressing the middle button did.

Ask him what the hatch above him does.

Go back upstairs and see if you can push the coffin/container that held Ruby to see if you when the hatch opens you can rescue Tom.

>Open treasure chest.
It refuses to open. It must be locked.

>Get plate, screw in plate, tell Tom to press buttons
Firstly, Tom refuses to hand over the plate with the funny numbers on it, because it's a part of his Opus. Secondly, he couldn't pass it through the small openings in the grate even if he wanted to give it to Ruby.
And thirdly, Tom tells Ruby that when he pressed the middle button, he was ELECTROCUTED. He hasn't pressed any of the others and he will refuse to press any of the others until he's confident they won't result in another near-death experience.

Lastly, he has no clue what the overhead hatch does. He's never seen it open.

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