What is Ruby Quest?

Ruby Quest was a collective role-playing game that took place on the popular 4chan image-posting forums. The creator, TGWeaver, proposed a game in the style of choose-your-own-adventure stories, presented as pictures drawn like an old-school text adventure game. The community would suggest actions, then the author would pick the best choices, pretend the input was accepted and draw the next resulting outcome. It started looking like innocent puzzle-solving with animal characters, but soon enough his real intentions took over and for the two following months everyone got hooked up by the most frightening survival horror tale ever.


TV Tropes

Did you write it?

No, someone by the nickname of TGWeaver did.

Check out the official TGWeaver blog, where he writes about Ruby Quest and other works.

Hey man, if you're out there and reading this... you rock.

Who are you then?

I'm just another fan who spends too much time reading TV Tropes and eventually stumbled onto Ruby Quest. It completely blew my mind. I had to do this.

Why did you do this?

  1. For easier repeated viewings... it was a pain running through the entire archive all over again trying to spot TGWeaver's posts.
  2. Figured it would be something special to offer TGWeaver and the community in return for the priceless hours of entertainment.
  3. Lower the entry barrier so lots more people discover Ruby Quest, who knows, someday even a studio executive who realizes how awesome a movie of it would be!
  4. Show off my L337 HAX1NG SKILLZ ;-)
  5. ?
  6. Profit!

How did you do it?

Having studied the HTML for the archives at thisisnotatrueending, I wrote a Java application to download and convert them to the format here presented. I could not have done it without help from many free software libraries: Apache Wicket, JDOM, JUnit, Log4J, Apache Commons Lang, Apache Commons IO and JMock. Thank you guys.

Source code here.

I want something.

Drop me a line.

Is there more?

Find out.